Work with Dannie

Intuitive Healing Sessions

Hello Beautiful Soul!! We are glad that you are here and excited that you are ready to take the next step in self love and care.  

An Intutive Healing Session with Miss Dannie Huggs is a powerful experience to say the least.  You will sit with her for an hour in the Goddess Den (or via Zoom if you are not local or feel more comfortable social distancing), and during this time she will ground you down, align your chakras, and become a conduit/channeler of your guides.  Sometimes she is a Medium and able to connect to the other side, or it could be a past life energy that is  blocking you from you standing in your TRUE Power.  It all depends on what is most imperative for you in that moment.   (She works based on priority which means whatever is most important for YOU will be what she helps remove or heal energetically. )

Activate your Magic

Intuitive Mentorship

Are you ready to dive in and do the work? 

Are you ready to lean in to the POWER of YOU and experince self love on a whole new level?

Are you ready to cultivate your rituals that are given to you by your Guides?



Workshops & Classes

Here at Sol Shine we love to grow and dive deeper into ourselves.  We offer workshops, healing sessions, tarot card readings, moon circles, retreats, and more! 

During these sensitive times we are doing our best to navigate through our gatherings and events.  Please stay tuned for more information by checking back to this site and connecting with us on AND!  

We look forward to healing with you!

Meet Miss Dannie Huggs

Meet Miss Dannie Huggs!  She has lived in Colorado since she was 2 years and was raised south of Denver.  She has lived a very colourful life; struggling with an eating disorder and coming from an abusive home, Dannie emancipated through a group home right after her 17th birthday.  Dannie fell into drugs and alcohol, finding deep relief from her emotional pain and escape from her relationship to food and self hate.

Dannie has hit many
"bottoms" in her life, giving her the gift  to Dive Deep into emotional pain and start healing.  With the help of Energy Work, Healing Crystals, Essential Oils, Reiki, Yoga, and Meditation, Dannie's life began to change in deep transformative ways.  Her darkness and despair is now her biggest assest and she knows that her story WILL help others along the way. 

She is now a deeply trusted and loved Intuitive Guide and Healer in our beautiful community for over 7 years. 

Are you ready to live your BEST LIFE?!?  Book a session NOW!

Work W/ Miss Dannie Huggs