Intuitive Mentorship

Are you ready to LIVE your BEST life?  The Intuitive Mentorship Program is a 10 week program where you will work One on One w/ Miss Dannie Huggs.  Not to sound to WOO WOO here, but everyone is their own unique snowflake and not everything works for everyone.  In the IMP, Dannie will catered to your own specific needs while you are being opened up to an new and heightened understanding of your Divine Purpose and how to fully LIVE your BEST LIFE!

- You will uncover, discover, and discard what doesn't serve you 

- You will cultivate practices that are in alignment with who YOU are

- You will receive bi weekly energy clearings from Miss Dannie Huggs

- You will receive bi weekly downloads and homework from your Guides

There will be 5 one on one sessions with Miss Dannie Huggs over a 9 week period.  You will meet with her via zoom if you are not local. Between your time together you will be directed to cultivate the learnings into your day to day life.  

The Intuitive Mentorship Program is for YOU if:

- You are ready to do shadow work

- You are ready to quit playing the victim and step into your power

- You are ready to fully activate the parts of you that have been laying dormant

- You are ready to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE

Total Investment in yourself:  $1444


I am so excited you are considering diving deep into the inner work! At the time I have a waitlist for individuals who want to sign up for the next round of IMP for 2022. The next session will start first week of January. If you are interested in being on the waitlist email me to secure your spot!

Looking forward while looking within🙏🏻🤍

-Miss Dannie Huggs