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In 2006 Miss Dannie Huggs was at pivotal point on her journey.  She was working in Corporate America and "doing"what she thought she was "supposed" to be doing, except every fiber of her being was screaming that she was not in alignment with WHO she came here to be.

During one of those snow storms in Denver where the snowflakes are as big as quarters and everything around you is silent, she sat at her downtown patio apartment.  Standing in the heavy silence of the snow storm, struggling with deep depression and loneliness, Dannie watched the glow of the city...Tears were falling down her checks uncontrollably and the feeling of being lost and feeling hopeless was intoxicating every cell in her being.   

She thought the view was Mystical regardless of her mental and emotional state.  Then out of no where a HUGE White Owl came flying straight to her all the way  on the 10th story of the building.   At first she thought she couldn't believer her eyes and as the White Owl came closer and closer to her she knew this was in fact actually happening.  The Owl was only feet away from her now and a wave of deep peace and inner knowing melted through her entire body.  In that very moment the tears stopped falling down her checks and she took a deep breath. Dannie KNEW that she was being guided and that all was going to be okay. 

Less than a year later she left Corporate America and started her journey doing a deep dive into her healing.  She had to do a lot of Self Healing along the way and the more she healed the more potent her healing abilities became.

The White Owl symbolizes spiritual transformation, great change, and spiritual  wisdom.  Dannie created White Owl Apothecary in 2019 with the inspiration and deep inner knowing (and through her own personal experience) that Mother Earth provides us everything we need to heal and to take care of ourselves.  Through this White Owl was born and Miss Dannie Huggs uses this medicine to help the community heal in deep transformative ways. 

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