The Sol Shine

Tuning Forks


These tuning forks are a great way to dive into sound therapy!

How do they work; 
Each fork is designed specifically at a different pitch to give off different frequencies and vibrations when played. The tone of the fork is associated with each chakra. 

To use; 
You don’t have the play the fork over the specific chakra on the body but you totally can. What you want to do is lightly hit the fork on your thigh or knee then bring the fork 3-6inch away from your ear. You sit, listen to the vibrations until they fade away and then sit in how that resonated with you for 15-30 secs (like a mini meditation). Then you repeat, using whatever fork you’re called to. 

Once you get comfortable with this practice you can actually hit two together LIGHTLY and then place one fork by each ear. 

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