Soulku touchstone necklace


Soulkus beautiful, smooth, soothing Touchstones were intentionally designed as a tangible reminder of your truths.

These sweet stones warm with your body's heat, exude healing energies, and can literally be grasped onto like a "touchstone" to help you remember your truth.

  • Rose Quartz Touchstone supports you by vibrating nothing but beautiful, powerful unconditional love.

In the deepest core of your being you know you're 100% love. You are divine and without judgement. You are giving, kind, generous, understanding, compassionate, strong, brave, full of life, full of truth for others, (and most importantly) for yourself.

  • Dragon Blood Jasper Touchstone will support your continued growth by amplifying that inner strength, promoting willpower and giving you an energetic boost of vitality.

You've been through a lot. Over the years you've grown stronger, braver, you know you can depend on yourself and you have pride in that.

  • Amethyst Touchstone helps by amplifying your inner peace and working to heal the mind, body and soul.

You are whole. You've looked inside, deeply. You've allowed yourself to learn, grow, release what doesn't serve you, and forgive. You understand you are in a healing process and have compassion and empathy for yourself and your journey.

  • Approx. 1" x 2" gemstone paddle
  • Nylon cord with adjustable slider—necklace can be worn close to throat, down to belly, or anywhere in between
  • FSC certified card

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