The Sol Shine

Sage - Variety


Sage is a great tool used to cleanse a space. There are multiple things you can burn with your Sage, depending on what you’re working with & what your intention is. 


Here are just a few we carry at the shop.


Blue Sage & Roses - Also known as Grandmother Sage. Blue Sage provides spiritual strength. It attracts money & abundance in all forms. Roses are used to attract love & peace. Use this to allow you to set the tone of what you truly want to come in. 



Desert Sage - Very clearing and purifying. It is great to work with when you are about to do Psychic or Intuitive work. Use this when you are blessing a new space & want to hold a sacred space for ceremony or work. 


Transitions - Contains Cloves for comfort in clearing your head. Calls in protection, love, & money. It also contains Thyme to release past trauma, grudges, & invite in healing. Lastly, this combination contains Desert Sage. These three together are great to use during a transitional time as it drives away negative forces, producing positive spiritual vibrations, and helps to purify the space they are all burned in. 


Three Kings - This smudge bundle contains Frankincense for sacred protection, purification & spiritual awareness. Myrrh is included for sacred meditation providing clearing, spiritual connection & healing. Again, Desert Sage is included in this magical bundle. The Three together help you purify, protect & welcome in a deeper spiritual connection.


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