Release Candle


 Release what no longer serves you so you can welcome in what is meant for your best and highest good. Made with highly effective ingredients and oils to release unwanted energy, people, situations, cut cords, etc.

You can use this candle the way you are intuitively drawn to or follow the ritual below:

Set your intention of what you want to release. You can place a letter of intention underneath. 

Each time before lighting, say something along the lines of, "I release what no longer serves me. I trust the Universe in the releasing process. I thank the Universe for your guidance and wisdom. So be it."

For stronger, more forceful results, light a banishing ritual candle alongside it. 

 Scent: Frankincense & Myrrh

Made in ritual and infused with Magick, Intention, and Reiki energy

18 oz


Coconut Wax

 *As with all magickal products, results are not guaranteed.

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