Lumen Love

Money magnet ritual oil


Money magnet oil has elements of money drawing as well as attraction. You are attracting money into your life.  Money wants to be in your energy. Say the above affirmations and any other ones you are drawn to say before wearing.

The intention with the honey is that money sticks to you! 

Be creative when mixing oils!

You can use this oil with so many other oils! 

Add extra magick to your daily routine! Use in place of lotion any time of the day.

Besides just being a body oil, you can also use this oil on candles to add intention, crystals, and more.  There are many uses for these ritual body oils.

Made in ritual and infused with Magick, Intention, and Reiki energy

Scent: Honey & Sacred Flower

(Does not contain honey)

2 oz

Ingredients: Coconut oil, essential oil and essence oil blend, mica powder, herb blend, crystals, 

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