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House Roll On - Love Potion #13


 Love Potion #13

 Attract LOVE, LOVE, LOVE into your life! This is Sol Shine's love potion number #13! This custom love potion opens your heart space to allow passion into your life now. Wear daily to raise your frequency and become a vibrational match for healthy, safe people. Clear out any toxic, lingering relationships and make room for your person!

HOW TO USE:  Roll this deeply activating and heart healing blend on your wrists, on your heart, on your Third Eye, and much as you need.  This blend is potent and works miracles! We suggest writing out what this LOVE looks likes, feels likes, tastes like in your life. Keep feeling those feelings- Do not waiver!  Your LOVE IS ON THEIR WAY!

Ingredients:  Geranium, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Fractionate Coconut Oil.

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