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Healing Crystal Salt Soak - Higher Self


Higher Self

Benefits:   Higher Self will heal, balance, and activate your Throat Chakra, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra.  Doing this bath ritual will awaken your Divine Feminine, allowing your psychic awareness and knowing to come into focus and celebrated.  Are you ready to BE the person you came here to BE?!  Are you ready to quit playing small in this world and to jump into you full power and potential?  Are you ready to live your BEST LIFE? 

HOW TO USE:  Draw yourself a bath and pour in the Higher Self Salt Soak.  You want to spend 20-30 minutes in the bath to allow the magic of this blend to fully extract what doesn't serve and to infuse the pure magic of activating your Higher Self. During this time is this healing bath you will ask for old belief systems and ideas that are yours or absorbed from others to be dispelled out of the fabric of your existence.  Take as much time as you need with this process.  

 Then, with your eyes closed, bring both of your eyes to your Third Eye and keep your focus there while you call in your Higher Self.  Breath deep into your 3rd eye, bring your breath now down into your heart space clearing out all stagnate energy with the same breath and then out through your mouth.  Do this breath 10 times.  Rise off gently (do not use soap of any kind, remember this is a medicine bath).

INGREDIENTS:  Dead Sea Salt, Angelite Crystal Dust, and other High Vibrational Essential Oils.  9oz. 




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