White Owl Apothecary

Healing Crystal Salt Soak - Nourish


Benefits: Wrap yourself up in a big energetic hug. This bath soak is a beautiful option for those needing a little extra comfort and support.

 HOW TO USE: Pour yourself a bath and pour in the entire jar of NOURISH crystal healing salt soak into the water.  As you stir in the salt say "Nourish me salt and take away, all that does not help me today.  Replenish my Spirit with Love from above that I may recenter from the ground in this way."  Say this prayer 2 more times during your soak and be sure to give yourself at least 20-30 minutes so the salts can removed all the energies that don't serve but will allow for all the medicine to replenish and nourish your soul. During your soak feel the high vibrations of rose and jasmine nourish your body, feeling these oils soak into your skin, allowing your soul to drink up this medicine with warmth and comfort.

After your soak gently rinse off, we recommend not using soap after to get the full effects of the salt soak.

INGREDIENTS: Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Yalng ,a hint of Cinnamon and other high vibrational essential oils





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