Chakra 7 Day Candles


Working on healing your chakras and don't know where to begin?  Or you are pretty well versed in charka healing and need a little help with blockages? Well you are in the right place.  We love these 7 day chakra healing candles.  

HOW TO USE:  We suggest saying the prayer on the candle before you light it, after you light it, and when you blow it out.  Please note that these candles are not scented.  Feel free to dress your candle with any of our house essential oil blends by rubbing the oil on the candle or putting a drop or two in the candle.  We suggest our ROAD OPENER oil for helping remove energy blockages in a chakra(s).

Take the time to meditate asking Divine White Light to come into the chakra to help heal and balance this energy system in your body.  Journal anything that comes up and write down an affirmation that you will connect with this healing and the balancing of this chakra that you are focusing on.

Happy Healing!!!

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