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Healing Crystal Salt Soak - Manifest



BENEFITS: Manifest is here to assist you call in all your DREAMS and DESIRES while bringing them into fruition.  You are powerful, beautiful, and limitless. YOU deserve ALL of the things that the Universe has in store for you so get ready to recieve!

HOW TO USE:  Draw your warm water and prepare for a 20-30 minute soak. Call in money, love, peace, joy, a new home, a new job.  Whatever it is, but really take this time for yourself to get clear on what YOU want and call it into your spirit.  When you do this the Universe responds to YOU.  Be and stay positive and really feel what it feels like to actually have your dreams and desires in your life RIGHT NOW!

Feel the feelings of having what you wish RAISES YOU VIBRATION so that you become an energetic match for your desired reality!  This Healing Crystal Salt Soak is like putting Miracle Grow on your dreams!

INGREDIENTS:  Dead Sea Salt,  Calendula, Orange, Clary Sage, and other High Vibrational Essential Oils.  9oz. 




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