queen of the meadow

Ceramic Dish


Set your Solid Lotion Bar on a unique, handmade, ceramic dish.
Just as our pure, natural skin and household products are handcrafted,
so are the ceramic dishes we offer to accompany our Solid Lotion Bar.

Fort Collins, Colorado hand-building artist and friend bun-a Hunter (Pretty Useful Pottery) has been in partnership since 2008 with Queen of the Meadow creating the perfect little dish that cradles our Solid Lotion Bar.

We work with her to select colors that reflect our wonderful Colorado, and think you will agree the pottery will be a nice touch in your home wherever you keep your Solid Lotion Bar; next to the kitchen sink, on the bedside table, in the studio, on the bathroom counter, next to your tools in the workshop, in the tack room, on the shelf in the potting shed...

Please keep in mind that these dishes are individually made and one-of-a-kind, so there will be slight variations from piece to piece.

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