The Sol Shine

Intuitive Healing with Stacy Devanney


I am Stacy Devanney, a Divine Facilitator of yoga, love, healing and community. I have been initiated as a High Priestess (2020) in a Mystery School where I studied and explored healing modalities from all over the world. The spiritual practices I learned along the way, I use every day. In my 1:1 sessions I use many tools ; singing bowls, crystals, plant allies, chimes, feathers, oils, incense, rattles, fire, water, smoke, breath, meditation, movement + more. Everything I do is Spirit + Heart lead. I work only within the Light. I am here to be of service. If you are called to want to work with me, I would love to explore the different paths we can take together.

I am a certified yoga teacher of 5 years! I am a firm believer that movement is medicine. My greatest love (besides my family, hubby, mini me + friends) is gathering people into spaces where we move within the medicine of Asana and personal expression. I offer yoga class of all types all of the time and I would love for you to join me in that space as well!

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