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Healings with Dannie Huggs


Healing Sessions with Dannie Huggs

 Dannie is classically trained  as a Crystal Reiki Healer, however, her healings and craft has evolved over the past decade in a beautiful and transformative way.  

To start, you’ll be guided back into your body is a soothing and comfortable way. You will be supported as Dannie grounds you and aligns your Chakras.  Then, with permission, Dannie will open herself as a conduit to receive information from your Spirit Guides, Past Loved Ones, and Angels. 

Dannie works based off of priority, which means that whatever that is most relevant for you in that present moment will come through for her.  Sometimes Dannie can connect as a Medium to past loved ones, she could access past life trauma that is blocking you from moving forward in your current life.  She can do cord cuttings from relationships that don't serve, and more.  It all depends on what you need in that moment. 

You will be amazed by the healing power of this one hour experience as it can relieve physical pain, calm your emotions, give you feelings of inner peace and allow you to shift on a cellular level.  

If you are ready to do the work and to change your life, Dannie wants to work with YOU!

Let this be the year that you experience radical transformation!! Don't miss this opportunity to DO THE INNER WORK so you can level up and live more in your power and authentically. 

*Dannie is a highly sought after and trusted healer in the community, so her session fill FAST!

 Not local?  Dannie does healings through Zoom!  Call to schedule your next appointment NOW! 720-379-4951 



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