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Empowered Goddess Ritual Kit - GROUND & PROTECT


This Empowered Goddess Ritual Set is perfect for anyone in need of grounding energy! Do you feel like you're crawling in your skin or disconnected from your body? Ground and Protect calls in protection and peace as it detoxifies you on all levels. This blend is sure to clear away energies that is are no longer serving your highest good.  

First, take 3 deep cleansing breaths.  In fact, do it right now!  When you breathe in, breathe in white light.  When you exhale, releasing red dust out of your mouth that represents EVERYTHING that no longer serves you in this moment.

Starting to feel better already?;)  Good.  Now draw a bath or create a foot soak and pour the salt in.  Soak in this bath for 30 minutes allowing all of the pure essential oils and herbs to soak into your pores.  Next, submerge your head completely under water. This is very important part of your ritual because this allows the salt to completely clear out and detoxify your upper chakras. Do this three times, rubbing your heart chakra, clearing out grief that isn’t yours. Run your throat chakra, clear out the blockages that keep you from speaking your truth. Rub your 3rd Eye, clearing out your psychic vision and any cobwebs that are blocking you from your Divine Truth. Next, rub you crown chakra, the top of your head, to clear away the traumas of the world, the pain and anxieties that aren’t yours.


Take 7 deep cleansing breathes, breathing in Divine White Light and releasing out of your mouth EVERYTHING that no longer serves you.  I know you just did that, however it would do you some good to do it again. After your breathing, FEEL the salt pulling out all the stresses of the day out of your energy field. GROUND AND PROTECT detoxes you from any and everything that is no longer serving your highest and best good. 

Getting out of the bath (or completing your foot soak) roll on the Grounding Roll On. This roll on is your quickest way to become rooted and cleansed.  This sultry and woodsy blend harnesses Earth energy, bringing you back down into balance. Everything is working out for you my dear.  Trust.  You are fully safe and protected.

Next, grab your Smoky Quartz and your Palo Santo.  It is time to do some mediation and allow the grounding connection to be made.  Hold on to the Smoky Quartz in your left hand.  Your left hand is the receiving side of your body and allows the anchoring energy of Smoky Quartz's restorative connection to Mother Earth to enter and heal you from the inside out.  While you are burning the Palo Santo, imagine as though the negative energies are dissipating and lifting as the smoke does and allow the power of intention to come over you.

Continue to wear the Grounding Roll On all the time to keep you in a more grounded and protected state.  AND... keep carrying the Smoky Quartz with you.  It wants to be on you, near you, or even sleep with you in your bed if you're in need of deeper rooting.  Smoky Quartz is the crystal to connect you back to Mother Earth, to root you down, and to transmute negative energies. 

AFFIRMATIONS:  I am safe, I am rooted, I am protected.


Roll On:  

Patchouli, Vetiver, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Amyris, Myrrh, Balsam, Fir, Beeswax, Triglyceride, Fractionated Coconut Oil

*Safe *Protected * Held * 

Bath Soak: Frankincense, Lemongrass ,and other high vibrational essential oils

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