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Empowered Goddess Ritual Kit - NEW MOON


Are you ready for a powerful New Moon ritual? Carve out at least 45 minutes for just you...now lets begin:

Take 3 cleansing deep breaths and breath out all the stagnant and stale air from the past 29.5 days.  With each breath, ground yourself into your body and into this moment.  Allow yourself to fully arrive.  Exhale out everything that no longer serves you.   Feel what it feels like to be here now.  Don't judge what you feel just observe and notice where YOU are.

Take your palo santo and light the end of it.  Think of it as a very large and thick incense stick.  You only light the end of it until it catches on fire.  Let it burn for a couple seconds before you blow it out.  Once you blow out the flame, use the smoke to cleans away any negativity in and around you.  Ask, "Scared Palo Santo, please remove all negative energies in and around me.  Align me with guides and Divine Source Energy.  Please protect me and guide me in this ritual. Thank you. Thank you. Thank You. And So It Is Blessed Be."  

Take a moment with this process and connecting deeper within.  Light your palo santo again and take the cleansing smoke to clear out your bath tub and bathroom for any lingering energies.

Next, draw yourself a bath and mindfully add your salt into the warm water.    Soak and allow the salt to pull the negative energy out of your physical, mental, emotional, and spirit body. Go through each energy body and see, sense, and feel this release occurring. As you feel the release soak in the New Moon essential oils that are infused into this blend, allowing this practice to create potent soil within yourself to plant your seeds of intentions.  Imagine your whole being turning black as the night.  You will want to be in this New Moon ritual bath for at least 20-30 minutes.  

Once you feel complete with this process, pull the plug to the tub and allow the water to drain while you are still in there.  Say goodbye to the energies that were pulled from you and give honor and grace to what has occurred in this past cycle.  

This past cycle may have been really difficult with a lot of struggles.  It may have been filled with lots of joy, excitement, and fulfillment.  Either way, you want to honor yourself and what was with humility and respect.  You are doing an amazing job.  Be gentle with yourself and this process.

 Next, gently rise the ritual off of you.  Don't use soap or take a regular shower at this time.  Just cleanse off what was.  Stepping out the shower is your first step into your NEW NEW.  Grab your black candle and votive and a journal or a piece of paper.

***SIDE NOTE***If you would like to anoint your candle with an oil, now is a good time.  Be sure to use an oil that goes with the seeds of intentions that you are planting.  Example:  If you are planting seeds of intention for a New Relationship, be sure to use a Love Oil like Love Potion #13, or something more simple like rose oil.  If you are planting the seeds of Self Love, be sure to use the oil Honoring Self, or something more simple like Ylang Ylang.  After you choose your oil, rub your oil on the candle using your intention to plant that seed. And So It Is Blessed Be.


Light your candle and take a few minutes to meditate.  

Imagine again your whole BEing is dark as the night.  Feel what it feels like to be swimming in the possibility of endless positivity.  Let go into the darkness for as long as you can be there and then when you feel ready, see what seeds of intentions you want to plant into this darkness.  Is it more Love?  More adventures?  What about Self Care and taking care of you?  What about a career move?  Or a big move to another state? or Country? 

What seed of intention are you going to nurture over this next cycle?  When do you want to see it come into fruition?  The next Full Moon?  The next 3 Full Moons?  Just surrender and feel what intuitively comes up for you.

When you are finished with this meditation, gently open your eyes and journal what came up for you.

Finally, grab your Rainbow Moonstone bracelet and hold it into your hands.  Take the palo santo and clear the stones with the smoke.  Next, you will hold the crystal bracelet and infuse your energy and intention of what you are creating this next cycle into the bracelet. 𝐑𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐛𝐨𝐰 𝐌𝐨𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐂𝐫𝐲𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐥 will help you to activate your intuition and psychic powers while protecting you on your path. This healing crystal wants to help you with your manifestation of happiness.

Wear your bracelet everyday on your left wrist.  The left side of your body is the receiving side of your body, so you will be able to receive the healing properties of this crystal all the time. 

***SIDE NOTE*** Healing Crystals get tired too.  Take a moment and clear your crystals on a regular basis with sage, palo santo, or even throw them in your plants for a clearing!  Think about it, all crystals come from WITHIN Mother Earth right?  So putting them into a plant is a favorite way to clear their energy so they can continue to help you SHINE!

 Sit with the candle and your rainbow moonstone and savor the peace and connection with this dark moon and yourself.  You are BEAUTIFUL.  You are POWERFUL.  You are LIMITLESS.




Blessed Be<3


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