The Empowered Empath Women's Retreat


Sol Shine Presents:
The Empowered Empath Women’s Retreat with Miss Dannie Huggs
Dannie created this all-inclusive women’s retreat to empower empaths and highly sensitive women. As an empath herself, she wants to serve others on their journey and teach them that being an empath is a true gift to this world and help empower them to achieve a full and joyful life! 


Here are some clues you are an Empath:

  • You have social anxiety 
  • You need time alone to recharge otherwise you are a hot mess
  • You can sense what other people around you are feeling and thinking
  • You absorb EVERYTHING around you
  • You take on the pain of others at your own expense
  • You have chronic fatigue
  • You eat your feelings because you don’t know what else to do with all the feels
  • You isolate because you are over stimulated
  • You have overwhelming sadness for no reason


Are you ready to empower yourself as an empath or Highly Sensitive Person with a magical and healing retreat up in beautiful Carbondale Colorado?! 
 Join Us April 16th - 19th for 4 days of learning what it means to be an empath in this world and how to be empowered by this magic that lies deep within you. 
 Enjoy time to unwind, reset, and fill your cup up with 10 other beautiful women that will be a part of your Empowered Empath Tribe!

When you arrive, you'll feel right at home. This gorgeous property sits directly on the beautiful Platte River, with majestic views of Mount Sopris right in your backyard. Tranquil, peaceful and comfortable.


Miss Dannie Huggs will make this easy on you... all you have to do is show up ready to discover how powerful you really are! Learn how to use the energies and magic of healing crystals, essential oils and meditation in your everyday life for protection, healing and keeping your connection to Self. Your welcome gift contains over $100 worth of tools to support you!
You will be led in yoga by the incredible Stacy Devanney. She is also sharing her gift of her Mala making with you too! In this workshop she will teach you the history and meaning behind the Mala and you'll learn the technique to create your very own. All supplies are included. You will leave with your own Mala, a beautiful piece of spiritual armor!


Healthy, organic, high vibration meals and snacks are prepared for you, by Marianne, during your entire stay. The menu is mindfully planned to nourish your Chakras, to help you stay fully present and feel safe in your body. We provide purified water, herbal teas, and coffee for your enjoyment as well. You are nourished; mind,  body and spirit!


Enjoy time at Iron Mountain Hot Springs, replenishing yourself from the inside out! Breathtaking views, mineral rich waters and other thoughtful amenities will leave you revived & inspired! 


To close out the retreat, you'll experience a beautiful Cacao Ceremony, with Marianne, to heal your heart space and release things that no longer serve you. Feel expansive, blissful, connected to Self/others, inspired, connected to your intuition & vision, connected to spirit and grounded. The perfect way to complete your experience at the Empowered Empath Women's Retreat!
More information for our 2021 Retreats will be available early 2021! To be added to our 'First Dibs Waitlist' please email Dannie at or call us at 720.379.4951.
We can't wait to receive you!

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