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Reiki with Devin

Hello, my name is Devin. I am so grateful you have found me and are ready to step into the journey of healing your energetic system through Reiki. Reiki has been a conduit to my own personal healing and I love nothing more than sharing this gift with the community!

Usui Reiki found Devin in August of 2020. At the time, she had no idea what she was even signing up for. Never has she even had a Reiki session before receiving her attunements but knew deep down that she needed to learn this practice. After going through her first two attunements, Devin began practicing on herself every night. The awareness of others and the world expanded in ways she never thought possible and she began to trust herself on a much deeper level. Through this process, she was able to start healing from past traumas of limiting doubts  and through this strengthened her relationship with self and loved ones. To say reiki changed her life, is an understatement. 

In session, she will sit down with you and discuss any energetic or physical blockages you may be noticing in your body. From there, Devin will read your chakra system and notice any areas that are in need of alignment. Devin opens her vessel to allow the healing power of reiki to flow through your body and combine this technique with use of sacred symbols, and gentle sound healing to clear out any stagnant energy and recalibrate the subtle body.
During this time she may share any specific messages that are coming through for you. At the end of your session we will pull cards together and discuss anything that may have come up for you. You should leave feeling peaceful, more mentally clear and in an overall state of well being. Reiki will continue to work with you after you leave and will do what it needs to support you over the following days.

Outside of reiki, Devin is a certified 200 hr yoga instructor, sound healer, lover and sharer of cacao and was recently passed down the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki of the Womb Keeper. She is grateful to be on this ever evolving journey and is so glad to have you be a part of it with her.

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