The Sol Shine

New Moon In Pisces: Magic Mushrooms 101


March 10th 11am-1pm 

Join Dannie Huggs and Nathan Buss on this very special 2 hour event. We are opening the Goddess Den for the upcoming New Moon in Pisces paired with an educational session on using mushrooms to enhance your overall well-being. 

Dannie Huggs (the Pisces Goddess herself) will guide the room in meditation and a group healing. The Pisces New moon invites us to connect with our inner most emotions and acts as an ally to deep healing. Pisces calls back your inner-child and allows them to heal from unaddressed wounds. This ceremony will give you the chance to reflect on your life, your goals, and yourself. How do you want to step into the next cycle of your growth?

Once you are grounded and in your body, special guest Nathan Buss will educate you on the different ways you can use magic mushrooms to elevate and enhance your life. If you have been called to begin working with mushrooms, this is the perfect event for you. Nathans portion of this event will be purely educational and offers a safe space for you to ask questions and learn how to safely and intentionally welcome this sacred medicine into your practice

We hope you will join us!

Energetic Exchange: $44.40 

Spaces are limited and are expected to sell out. Please secure your space prior to this event.


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