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Art from Grandpa Robin


We are LOVING the new art we just got in at the shop!

This art has been brought to us by Grandpa Robin, 
a 73 year old artist that spent his early 20s in San Francisco during the hey day of the hippie movement. The world has changed around him, but he hasn't and has longed to go back to the city of his dreams. Selling these pieces of his art affords him the opportunity to have enough money to make this major move in his life and offers him the ability to live with people he has dreamt of living with for a very long time.

These temple drawings were made in the 70s by a veteran who served at the Vietnam war, went back to Cambodia and created these masterpieces using beautiful handmade papers wetted and pushed into the temple release so that he could create a 3-D image. He brought them home and then painted them to look as they do now, spectacular pieces from a twelfth century temple. They were given to Grandpa Robin in order to get out into the world and have been priced so that people can afford them, love them and enjoy them. Looking at other temple drawings that are available on the Internet you would find these are about a third of the price enjoy take home and love forever.

Click on the number to see the piece of art, and the price will appear at the top under the title "Art from Grandpa Robin".

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