We are to the moon to introduce Sound Healing to Sol Shine! Marianne takes you on a sound journey with 7 Chakra singing bowls and other sound tools to give you the full benefits of sound therapy that include:
+ Induces Feelings Of Self Love & Worthiness
+ Deep Relaxation
+ Gently Removes Energetic Blockages
+ Soothes Stress and Anxiety
+ Helps Treat Sleep Disorders/PTSD
+ Eases Physical Pain
+ Connects You To Higher Self
& much more!
This experience is perfect for ALL ages.
During this one hour one-on-one session Marianne creates a custom journey based on what you're working on, calling in, trying to release and heal. You'll be gridded with high vibration crystals and enjoy a fully guided meditation with sound healing.
If you are ready to make sacred time for Self, ease fears and step into your power, call Sol Shine at 720.379.4951 and book your session! Please bring a journal. Introductory pricing is just $88. She can't wait to receive you!