White Owl - House Blends Drams


These high vibration essential oil blends want to be worn ON YOU.You will love the power within each of these House Blends!

Made right here at Sol Shine, these essential oil blends are infused with Reiki Healing and love, love, love.

Each of the recipes comes through Divine Guidance with intentions of healing and protection.

Each of the drams (vile) contains over 150 drops...they last

. Rub on your heart space, temples, Solar Plexus Chakra (or any Chakra for that matter)

and on the bottoms of your feet. Buy all 4 to have in your spiritual arsenal!


This Sol Shine House Blend will support

the wearer by increasing your courage to handle

nerve wracking situations with ease and grace.



This Sol Shine House Blend brings our your 

very best qualities! This blend will increase your 

strength & endurance on an emotional + physical level.



This Sol Shine House Blend is to help heal a broken heart 

due to loss of ANY kind. Heart Healing is meant to be warn on your heart space and wrist to allow healing of the Heart Chakra to occur.

It comforts those in the grieving process of any kind.  Heart Healer is also a beautiful blend to wear if you are working on trust and self love.   



We love this House Blend and so will you! This compassion blend calls 

on the energies and graces of Goddess Kuan Yin. This is a nectar of kindness,

compassion & forgiveness for both your inner and outer worlds. Cultivate 

inner peace by rubbing this on your heartspace daily!



This Sol Shine House Blend is your mind's best friend! 

This tonic will help you focus, keep clear in thought

and help retain information. 

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