Dawna Matthews & Michaela Cullen

SEEDS OF SPRING: A Women’s Spring Equinox and Cacao Circle with Dawna Matthews and Michaela Cullen

SEEDS OF SPRING: A Women’s Spring Equinox and Cacao Circle

 with Dawna Matthews and Michaela Cullen

We can’t wait for the magic Dawna and Michaela will create in their Seeds of Spring Women’s Circle this March 11th from 1-3pm! We hope you Join us in the Goddess Den for this very magical event.

Mid March brings with it a powerful gateway in the Wheel of the Year.  It is the time where we are in the last breaths of winter; a time to reflect on your winter season, what wisdom it has for you and what is asking to be released.   It is the time where each day welcomes more light and possibility as we inch towards Spring; a time to connect to our heart-knowing and what seeds of intention are wanting to wake up, be claimed and nurtured come spring.

Using guided embodiment practices, a heart opening Cacao ceremony, guided visualization, journaling, and group circle shares you will leave this experience feeling grounded, nourished, open-hearted, connected to who you want to step more fully into this Spring and what wants to be created and nurtured through you.

Want to know more about Cacao?

Cacao is a superfood plant medicine with amazing health benefits that has been used ceremonially for thousands of years across Central and South America. The people of ancient Mesoamerica attributed a sacred status to Cacao and would drink ceremonially to commune with their gods and to celebrate life events. 

Cacao naturally reduces stress, anxiety, and soothes the nervous system while guiding us back to a relaxed and more blissful embodied state. It releases serotonin, dopamine, and Anandamide (the bliss molecule) making us feel happier, calmer and more connected- such a wonderful elixir to take during these times. From this place, our heart expands and we begin to align with clarity and gentle focus and the vibration of love!

ceremonial doses of Cacao are not recommended for people who are taking antidepressants (Cacao contains MAO inhibitors), or who have a serious heart condition, have very high blood pressure or suffer from epilepsy. Pregnant women may take smaller amounts


Circle includes:

  • Introduction on the Wheel of the Year and the upcoming Spring Equinox 

  • A heart-opening Cacao Ceremony 

  • Guided embodiment experience to connect to your seeds/intentions for Spring 

(from your heart-knowing not your head)

  • A Spring Equinox seed planting ritual to take home with you 

  • Journal prompts for self-reflection 

  • Group shares and connection


Please bring:

* Journal + pen

* Yoga mat

* Altar Item (can be anything- a crystal, photo, feather, etc..)

*Water, anything that helps you feel cozy and comfortable.

Bring yourself just as you are, wear comfy clothes, and know that we are so looking forward to being with you.

Women circling together is so powerful; every time we walk away with our cups and hearts so full! Dawna and Michaela are thrilled to be co-creating this experience and can’t wait to share it with you!  Please pre-register to book your spot! Spaces are limited and will fill.   *NO REFUNDS*

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