Intuitive Guided Meditation with Sound Bath

L.A. has a background leading yoga, meditation, and sound baths for the community. She loves being able to be of service to her community all while doing something she loves. She started her yoga, and meditation journey back in 2013 and has been leading since then. She was introduced to the singing bowls early 2021 and has been adding them to her services since. 

Her style; 
L.A. guides people into a meditative state using words and imagery All while playing the crystal sound bowls. She connects with your guides and gives you what you are needing support in based off of the information she receives during session. She creates a safe space to facilitate going deeper within yourself and connecting more with your guides. 

What sound bowls are? 
Sound bowls are used to promote relaxation. They are energy vibrational tools to help guide you down into a deeper meditative state. These tools are used to help move energy throughout the body in order to create balances in the chakras. 

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