Sol Shine

Full Moon Circle - April 21st


Join us for a captivating Full Moon Circle on Sunday, April 21st at 12pm at the Sol Shine. Under the enchanting glow of the Full Moon in Scorpio, we invite you to immerse yourself in a journey of darkness, glamor, mystery, and romance.


This celestial event promises an intense and transformative energy, urging us towards change and emotional honesty. Led by the insightful Miss Dannie Huggs in the serene Goddess den, we'll delve deep into the shadows, exploring the depths of our souls as we navigate the potent energies of Scorpio.


As we gather, we'll embrace the opportunity for introspection, guided meditation, and an illuminating energy update. The Scorpio Full Moon encourages us to confront unresolved issues with courage and grace, navigating through the shadows of manipulation and possessiveness towards a path of true connection and empowerment.


While the cosmic climate may stir emotions and trigger past conflicts, we'll find strength in vulnerability and compassion. As we release what no longer serves us and embrace the opportunity for growth, we'll emerge from this lunation feeling refreshed and stronger than ever before.


Come join us in the sacred space of the Sol Shine, where we'll harness the transformative power of the Scorpio Full Moon to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Let's embrace the darkness to find the light within ourselves and each other.


We hope you will join us!


Energetic Exchange: $33.30


Please bring a journal, a  pen, a pillow, your favorite mug.  We can’t wait to sit in circle with you!!


Spaces are limited and are expected to sell out. Please secure your space prior to this event.



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