The Sol Shine

Intuitive Clarity Sessions with Abigail Eir


If you’re ready to transform or get out of a rut, a Clarity Session provides the tool kit and the map to do so. Abigail Eir is an Intuitive Reader using Tarot, Guide Work, and Astrology to help her clients see through the fog and realign on their authentic path. 

Abigail helps those in need of:

  • Validation and support when working through difficult times
  • Guidance on how to find your way into alignment
  • Insight and next steps when moving through big shifts
  • Clarity of who you are and what your purpose is

What to expect

In this 45 minute session, Abigail will open with a light breathwork meditation then connect to your Spirit Guides, channeling any and all messages for your highest good. At the start of the session, Guides will deliver messages that are top of mind to them. Generally these messages are aligned with what you’re seeking, but if not, there will always be time to ask anything on your heart. So please bring any questions you’d like clarity on, as well as a pen and paper to take notes as these sessions are not recorded.

No matter where you’re at, Abigail is excited to meet you and support you in any way you might need. See you soon!

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