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Venezuelan Refugee Donation


Hi Beautiful Human, 

Thank you for showing interest in helping provide aid to local refugees into our community. 

We recently learned of these humans who traveled to Denver all the way from Venezuela and they are in desperate need of our help. These families currently have zero resources and have been stuck in the cold.  This population includes Woman and children as young as only a few months old, our mama hearts are wrapping big energetic hugs around these children. Dannie has personally spent the past few days with soul family visiting a camp these refugees are residing close to the shop. 

After gaining knowledge and insight on the current state these people are living, we feel the best way we can provide is by helping these families with everyday supplies such as diapers, formula, toiletries and feminine hygiene products. We are currently asking for donations from our community to assist in this mission. 

While we know that there is so much currently happening in this world asking for your attention, these humans are our new neighbors and we have an opportunity as a community to help these souls thrive and welcome them with open hearts. This is happening right in front of us and we can do something about it! Its these little acts of support for one another that will change this world for the better. 

We are current asking for donations in increments of $5 to help us provide some aid to these families. Items can also be dropped off to Sol Shine. We are accepting 

  • diapers (all sizes)
  • formula 
  • feminine products 
  • toiletries 
  • water 

PLEASE DO NOT BRING CLOTHING (we tried this in shop before and our tiny home couldn’t hold the abundance) Items outside the above list should be dropped directly to the site where these people are living. 

if you are interested in personally going to help these refugees they are currently living under the bridge on 48th and Fox. If you are headed east on 48th you will take a left on Fox and make your first left. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. From the bottoms of our hearts. 

We love you

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