Spirit of the Herbs Tea


You'll LOVE the taste, aroma and feels you get with this 100% organic, full spectrum, high CBD herbal tea! Made with love in Colorado, these teas provide all of the elixir magic you'd hope for. 

Woman's Health is a special blend of CBD hemp flower, red raspberry, rose leaf, blood orange and MORE! Perfect for when you are on your moon to provide relief from pain brought on by cramps or during changes in hormone levels. This tea works with your feminine energies to help you shine bright as the Empowered Goddess you are!

Relax and Unwind is a special blend of CBD hemp flower, lemon balm, hibiscus, elderflower and MORE! You'll feel the soothing vibes of this tea right away. Worries, stresses and anxieties can take a pause when in the company of this sacred drink! Treat yourself anytime of day, anytime you need PEACE of mind. 



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